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About Hopke | Harrison

Hopke | Harrison is a 8-person firm located in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. Established in 1990, it has served its community since inception by providing sensitive solutions to difficult architectural challenges.

We are a general architectural, land planning, and interior design practice with exceptional depth of experience across a broad range of project types.  We serve clients in every category - institutions, private developers, and homeowners - producing nearly every kind of project... including some you would not expect of an architect.

Hopke & Associates Staff working


We understand architectural design as a union of both the art and the science of building in the effort to shape the built environment in a way that achieves a project’s goals...  Read More >


Hopke | Harrison has designed unique structures, buildings, and entire communities for institutions, commercial developers, and homeowners. Why are we hired? We wanted to know.... so we asked.

The answers ranged from the municipal administrator who said, “because you have superior project management,” to the developer who confessed, “I go to the guys down the street when I need it cheap and I come to you for something creative,” to the builder who said, “I hire you when I know I'll be dealing with difficult people to get the project approved.”


So, whether the task is architecture, land planning, interior design or a unique, specialty structure Hopke | Harrison possesses the skills and experience you need.

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