Specialty Services

Covered Bridge
DJM Covered Walkway
Ironbound Water Storage Facility
Crim Dell
ATM Pavillion
Pirate's Cove
Ironbound Water Storage Facility
Maidstone Clock Tower
Ironbound Water Storage Facility
Crim Dell
Ironbound Water Storage Photos 2009 005.

Hopke & Associates is often asked to design or provide design consultation for unusual, specialty structures that typically do not involve architectural expertise.  Water service facilities, bridges, gatehouses, site-walls, roadway layout and even parking lots often create the first and most lasting impression for a project.  In such cases, Hopke & Associates has been asked to design those critical elements, to exemplify a client’s ethos of high design quality at every level.

In addition to Specialty Structures, Hopke & Associates often provides Specialty Services such as 3D Models and Videos for our clients.  These models can aid in the design process and experience as well as work as a great marketing tool for projects that require fundraising.  Visit our Virtuals page to see more!

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