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We understand architectural design as a union of both the art and the science of building in the effort to shape the built environment in a way that achieves a project’s goals.


We believe that design excellence is measured by:

Logical Consistency

Does the fundamental purpose of the project follow through from concept to detail?



While logically consistent, is the design the simplest of all acceptable alternatives?



While simple, is there opportunity for refinement to the solution? A sense of thoughtfulness that just makes it feel right?


We are duty-bound to address the health, safety and wellness of the general public first and foremost, our client’s goals secondly, and our own portfolio only lastly.  Architectural design is a service to our clients and society.  We never forget that.

Bell Tower Blueprints by John Hopke
Covered Bridge Rendering by Hopke & Associates



It may sound odd for an architect located in historic Williamsburg, Virginia to talk about innovation. But solving contemporary problems in the context of preservation actually requires more imagination and creativity than beginning with a blank slate. We believe true innovation builds upon the good work of others who have solved similar problems in the past and the perspective of those in sometimes unrelated fields. That is why the breadth of experience of the designer and the inclusion of the Owner's wisdom are so essential to a successful project.

Water Storage Facility Section by Hopke & Associates
Hopke & Associates Design Studio

But above all, it should be fun.  We take our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We choose projects that are intellectually challenging and clients who are a pleasure to work with. Ultimately, we believe that the quality of a built environment is a product of the process that produced it.


Our approach is highly interactive.  Demonstrated by our "4-D Studio" (depicted here), our method is to use appropriate design tools to assure client involvement in the design process and lead the entire project team to a successful design solution.

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